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Your orthodontic treatment is started now!

The separators you had placed today is the first step. The purpose of the separators is to create some space to allow easy placement of braces or bands around the teeth.

During the next few days, you may experience some discomfort as the teeth begin to move. Generally, the discomfort is mild and subsides within a few days. If needed, pain relievers can be taken, preferably paracetamol. Others have found rinsing with either warm water or ice water helpful. Chewing can also help to relieve the pain and shorten it's duration.

Seperators will loosen in a few days. It is possible that a separator may come out before your next appointment.This simply means that sufficient space has been obtained for banding. Please call the office if a separator comes out so we may evaluate the need to replace it. This is usually done a day or two before your next appointment.
To minimize this possibility, please:

If you need a new separator, you can come to the office without appointment between 08.15-12.00 or between 13.00-16.00, but tell us the moment you arrive so we can help you in time! From 01-09-2014: Friday the practise is open between 08.00 - 12.00.






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